Kit Lavatube L-Rider Transformer – 2013 model

Kit Lavatube L-Rider Transformer - 2013 model

Kit Lavatube L-Rider Transformer – 2013 model

The Kit contains the following :

  • -L-Rider Transformer body
  • -2 batteries 18650 with a capacity of 1800 mAh
  • -TrustFire TR001 charger
  • -2 Clearomizers CE5 without wick
  • -eGo Case
  • -Intructions manul in english

Technical characteristics L-Rider Transformer body :

  • Length : 136 mm (with 18650 battery ) or 107 mm ( with 18350 battery )
  • Diameter : 22 mm
  • Material : Chrome
  • Model : Transformer
  • Certificates : CE,RoHS,UL,UN38.3

Features :

  • -You can check the atomizer’s resitance and battery level
  • -Variable voltage from 3V to 6V , with adjustment of 0,1 V .
  • -Air Valve :screw the air valve clock wise, less air will come into the atomizer when you enhale. Screw it anticlockwise and more air will run into the atomizer.
  • -Telescope:Screw it anticlockwise to adjust a proper room for 18650, 18490 or 18350 protected/unprotected batteries.
  • -eGo and 510 connection
  • -Can use atomizers with resitance 1-5 Ohmi .


Because of the 510 connector that is equiped the L-Rider Transformer body can be used with :

  • -Almost all cartomizers
  • -Almost all atomizers

The L-Rider Transformer body has 5 click protection , to avoid any accidents . To turn on/off push the power button 5 times in 2 seconds .

It has an LCD and it displays :

  • -Voltage
  • -Battery level
  • -Value of resistance

To check the voltage press the Power (Red) Button for 5 times in 3 seconds and the LCD will display the battery voltage.


We have 4 buttons on the exterior housing of the Electronic Cigarette

  • -Power button (Red)
  • -Fire button
  • -2 buttones to adjust the voltage(+ and -)

Power button ( Red )

-It has 5 click protection function ,wich means you need to push 5 times the button in 2 seconds to turn on/off the battery.

Fire button 

-After you turn on the battery , by pressing this button you will turn on the atomizer at the voltage you had set.

+ and – Buttons

-Are used to adjust the voltage by 0,1 V. If yiu reach at 6 V and press “+” the voltage will be 3 V.

The LCD Screen is easy to use and it indicate the voltage you had set.

In addition the Lavatube corp has a “block” function , which blocks the voltage level to a certain value, eliminating the risk of changing the voltage from mistake.To lock or unlock the voltage voltage you must press the “+” and “-” simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Lavatube also has a voltage regulator output which will always send the same flow of current to atomizer whether the battery is fully charged or almost flat, so you can enjoy the same quantity of vapors always.
To protect from overheating , if you hold down the fire button  pressed for 10 seconds without a break the power supply will automatically switch off,until you don’t press anymore the power button
If you put the battery reverse the protection system will not let you to turn on. Lavatube will switch off also when the battery is almost empty.
Lavatube has a built-in voltmeter that allows you to view the battery voltage by pressing the red button 7 times. Thus for a few seconds you will see how much time you can use before you need to charge the battery.During the battery life the battery voltage will drop from 4.2 V to 3.3 V. The LCD will flash when the battery needs to be recharged and stop automatically when is no longer current, when it reaches to 3.3 V. We do not recomand to use the battery unitil it reaches to 3.3 V beacause the lifetime of the battery will be shorter.
In case of detecting any excess current higher than 2.5 A , the unit will shout down automatically,to avoid possible damages.
One more security measure is the ventilation hole situated at the bottom of the corp , to avoid the potential unpredictable behavior of lithium-ion batteries.